Q:  What happens during a bra fitting?

A: You and your professional fitter will go into a private fitting room where you can communicate your needs. Your fitter will ascertain your bra size and provide you with a selection of bras based on your requirements.  Once you have the bra on, the fitter will adjust the straps and the band to ensure a perfect fit or she will recommend a different brand, band extenders, construction or size.  This process will enable you and your fitter to find the best bra possible in size, shape and weight for your body and for your activity.

We have bras to fit from 28AA to 54N in sports, nursing, mastectomy and every day bras.  If you are a mastectomy client,  you may try your prosthesis in the bra.Our professional bra fitters have a variety of certifications and continually attend training provided by manufacturers to ensure they are up-to-date with the latest in fabrics and construction methods.  We work with you until you have a product that feels comfortable, looks good and is within your budget.

We generally have a number of fitters on staff at one time and customers are served as soon as possible in order of arrival.  We do not charge for this service.

Q: Why we don’t measure when fitting a bra?

A: People often ask why we don’t “measure” at Marianne’s? It’s because it doesn’t make any difference to finding a bra that fits perfectly.
Marianne’s sells hundreds of styles of bras and, like fashion, depending on the manufacturer, different styles fit differently. The same woman can wear a 34, a 36 or a 38 band size, depending on the manufacturer. Measuring won’t help.

Some women have breasts that are fuller on top, wider apart, higher on the chest wall or different shapes. Specific styles are made for specific anatomy. Measuring won’t help.

Some women will come into Marianne’s wearing a padded bra to add inches and be looking for a minimizer bra to take away inches, for example. Measuring won’t help.

The long and the short of it is we want you to leave Marianne’s with a bra that fits you specifically and perfectly and so, we don’t measure.