Book an Appointment with a Certified Mastectomy Fitter

To Book an Appointment with a Certified Mastectomy Fitter

 Prior to Surgery

Not sure what your options are?  Book an appointment for a certified fitter to go through all of the choices you will have from post surgical garments, to swim and sports prosthesis, to prosthetic nipples and every day breast forms.  We recommend that you book at least an hour to leave enough time to have all of your questions answered.

Post Surgery

Call the store at (613) 722-6614 and ask to book a post surgery appointment with a mastectomy fitter. We will want to know when you had your surgery and if you have been previously fitted by the store.  Again, we recommend that you book at least an hour.   It may take less time but this is not a process to be rushed.  After finding the best product for your lifestyle, body and budget, your fitter can provide you with information on various financial support programs.

Mastectomy Bras, Swimsuits and Loungewear (with pockets)

You don’t need an appointment if you have a breast form that is not that old (less than 2 years), have not lost or gained a significant amount of weight and just want a bra, swimsuit or loungewear that has pockets.